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People, the motion picture

Posted by JessePants - February 5th, 2010

sometimes i wonder if im the only person who can see
and hear
and that everyone else just has this stream of ideas running through their eyes
becuase it seems that when their ideas dont come work out
that they begin to break down, and their clip show ends
when this happens
they become blind to the world
until somebody comes along and puts another reel on their camera
creating images
usually turns out to be re-runs
becuase the same story seems to be the closing of the film
somebody was disatisfied in something
movie ends
black screen happens
and they load another
so i guess the world could be compared to a movie theater
people walk into it questioning it
asking themselves if it was worth the pay in to see it
people begin to predict the ending of the movie
and most are wrong
and are surprised by the end
but some predicted it
ruining the surprise, and thus ruining the movie
becuase they thought to much
some are happy with the film
most are disspleased
but they return every day to see another film
alot ask themselves why they're wasting their money to see a movie that will end the same
and alot will be happy to pay the pass so they can see another day appear
and love it
but for some reason
even tho the movie is the same
people wait in anticipation of what will happen
wondering what difference will come
as the films go on
the optimistic keep returning to watch another beautiful picture unfold
while the other stopped going
becuase they felt as if they were wasting their money
and now the dont see anything anymore
because they thought ahead to much, and made themselves blind again
cursed to a black screen
hoping they will get a movie for free
but things like this dont happen
and they know this
but they will still sit there and hope for it

People, the motion picture

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I likey this post :D
Did you write it?

sure thing

you are
a warrior poet
i am not worthy of your presence

only real men
can do with punctuation

Sit up on my satellite.
Get it right, get it right.

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